How To Learn

This is the process to understanding anything. Of course, in this case I’m focusing on pencak silat.

Study. Train. Practice. Test. Repeat.

Listen, watch, and feel what your guide has to offer. If that guide is a hands on teacher. Great.
If that guide is a static teacher such as a video. Great. (You’ll be missing what can be taught through feel.)
Learn all you can. Watch closely. Listen to what’s being said. Learn to “feel” closely the energy.
Ask questions if possible. Again, listen with your ears, eyes, and body to the answers.
Take notes if that works for you. It has worked for many others.

Stand up. Get off the couch. Move with the material. Begin to push through what you have studied. This is the process of just putting what you’ve seen, felt, and listened to, into your own physical space.
Learn your body.
Feeling where your body binds up.
Feeling where your body is loose.
This can be solo or not. Typically you want both.

Once you feel where your body is bound or loose, clear or confused, begin to repeat movements, processes, techniques, etc. This is called practice.
Put your full intention of all the components of your study and training into your physical space over and over.
Don’t drop details out. It is a mental and physical process. (Jurus-jurus SHOULD be in this physical space.)
Perfect your practice. In that way you are practicing perfectly.
This can be solo or not. Typically you want both.

Begin to push your practice through speed, power, and external stressors. You don’t pass this test until you can keep your physical space, attention, and capability over and over.

Go back and study. Find the depth you missed the first time… or the second time.
Train that depth.
Practice that depth.
Test and test again.

This is the journey.

I will help you on the journey if you do the work of contacting me and seeking it.


Sean Stark
Founder of Pencak Silat Pertempuran. In looking for a martial art that was practical and artistic I found Pencak Silat. In silat I found an art that's organic nature allowed me to change it to make it culturally realistic and still allowed me to have the benefit of art and body culture.


  • Alvin Ross
    May 18, 2016

    Do you have any schools in Chicago?

    • User Avatar
      Sean Stark
      May 23, 2016

      Hi Alvin, Unfortunately not at this time. It’s doable to start a group though if that’s something you’re interested in. LMK and we can see if that’s a fit.

      Guru Stark

  • deadblues_1
    July 24, 2016

    Any chance to start a training group in Argentina?, could online education a possibility?.

    • User Avatar
      Sean Stark
      July 30, 2016

      We are working towards a group in Argentina currently. It’s possible to start a group anywhere if you are willing to do the work, can train with an instructor, can purchase necessary materials, and have training partners. There is more to it than these things but this is a good start.

      Guru Stark

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