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Guru Stark

Look, I’ll be honest, I mostly came to what I am presenting to you as Pencak Silat Pertempuran through years of fighting, getting hit, hitting, years of struggle, and the constant search to understand those failings.

In Pencak Silat Pertempuran, I have tried to keep in my mind some guidelines as it develops. Many of them overlap in value and consideration but all of these questions, though redundant, have been questions I’ve asked of the material I use and teach. They are the lens by which I view the material, training, and development as well as the way I view other systems of training.

They are as follows:

  • After class TODAY can it be applied on the street?
  • Does it address probability over possibility?
  • Does it account for unknowns?
  • Can YOU use it spontaneously?
  • Could YOU employ it in an elevator, bathroom, or small space?
  • Is it dynamic and adaptable?
  • Is it really simple and attainable for most anyone?
  • Is it systematic, learnable, and teachable?
  • Does it value relationship over technique?
  • Does it develop, strengthen, and highlight YOUR personal attributes?
  • Does it improve the overall quality of YOUR life?
  • Does it challenge YOU to personal growth?
  • Is it cohesive AND explorative?
  • Is the material relatively universal to the martial arts or to common ways people react or move?
  • Could you learn the core of it in 1-2 years meeting once or twice a week?
  • OR Could you learn the core of it in two weeks of solid training?

With those questions as my guideline, the system of was developed, and iterated. It is an iterative process. Having taught hundreds of students I’ve learned what works for more people and what the majority need to learn.