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Dynamic Non-Compliance

Dynamic Non-Compliance

Progressive Violence The primary components of physical development are: Learning, Practicing, and Testing. All three components fall along a scale. When that scale is physical and relates to types of relationship skills it will be a scale of volunteerism. When talking about non-compliance training, the goal is to reduce the volunteerism over a scale of…

Let’s be honest…

Just for a minute I’ve decided to take the gloves off…. I love the martial arts in all of its variety. It’s a lot of fun. It can be useful in a variety of ways from developing a sense of body culture, to pursuit of understanding for a culture that is not our own, to…

Training Drills

A question came in my mailbox this morning from one of the guys on the course and he wondered about Latihan Berpasangan and why I don’t really have that many. I went on at length so I thought I would pass it on and expand it even further here. There are a lot of reasons.

The Self-Defense Rolodex

…and other B.S. I hear people say that a self-defense system needs to be simple and needs to have only a very small set of tools. One of the basic arguments is that you can’t have multiple decisions for tools, defense, or application because somehow you may get “confused” and that somehow you won’t be…

Gross Motor vs. Fine Motor

Fine Motor skills are definitely not used much in personal protection or self-defense, but they aren’t used much in martial arts either. Fine Motor skills involve the picking up of very fine and small objects, or writing, and drawing. Basically they are focused on finger to hand and eye coordination. And that’s about it….

Explosive Hands

Explosive Hands

Sometimes it will even manifest itself in ways that are not directly relevant to power development such as a grimace or change in facial expression. We’ve even heard some MMA fighters who begin to make their “Kiai” before they actually make contact.

“My first thought was, who am I to teach?”