SEPTEMBER 24th and 25th, 2016

(Details below)


If you’re not familiar with Combat Silat, you will be exposed to street ready silat that is systematic AND organic! I’ll be focusing on giving you the tools to see it coming, being pro-active rather than reactive, and even whether there is a need for violence!

Once we’re further along we’ll explore effective, simple, and personal responses that you can use today to breakdown attacks you could face anytime and anywhere.

We’ll work on training methods that I’ll help you adapt to your style of combat if necessary. You WILL walk away with greater ability and greater understanding!

As always COMBAT SILAT – Effective. Simple. Personal.

(I’ve been asked to try and get more detailed so the following content is my attempt.)

1. Dissecting the Body Language of imminent violence
–Body mechanics yours and theirs
–Recognizing it
–Understanding it
–Practicing recognition

2. Responding to imminent violence by developing Pre-emptive actions
–Body mechanics yours and theirs
–Mechanics in relationship
–Using space
–Pre-emptive actions by type

3. Creating a barrier to common attacks

4. Weapons: Defense, Improvised, Use
–Defining weapons,
–Classical v. Real Found/True improvised,

5. Finding the mindset of extreme violence AND unleashing it
–What can it look like
–Methods for getting there

6. More Attribute Training.
–Scenarios with combination,
–against weapons,
–using weapons,
–confined space,

And whatever else makes sense!

Bring safety gear such as: mouthguards, finger gloves, sticks, training knives, headgear, shin guards, training pistols.

Feel free to where normal street clothing! Gym Shoes should still be worn for other peoples safety.(Look for this to be refined further as we get closer to the event.)

Day One: $55 (10a-2p)
Day Two: $75 (9a-5p)
Both Days: $110

US Tae Kwon Do Hapkido, 905 N Kingsway, Seffner, FL 33584

PAYMENT: via PayPal

Guru Stark for more details.

Sean Stark
Founder of Pencak Silat Pertempuran. In looking for a martial art that was practical and artistic I found Pencak Silat. In silat I found an art that's organic nature allowed me to change it to make it culturally realistic and still allowed me to have the benefit of art and body culture.

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