martial arts

Let’s be honest…

Just for a minute I’ve decided to take the gloves off…. I love the martial arts in all of its variety. It’s a lot of fun. It can be useful in a variety of ways from developing a sense of body culture, to pursuit of understanding for a culture that is not our own, to…

Do you even practice?

Do you even practice?

People tell me that they want to be good at silat regularly. They tell me that they are serious. The real deal. They are as good as their word and they will train hard. Some want to master pencak silat or the “martial arts.”

VLOG 6 & Being prepared.

Preparedness is not a moment in time. Being. Prepared. Is a current state of living. It requires attendance. It requires study. It requires training. It requires practice. And it requires testing. (See previous blog post.) It doesn’t just happen.

Be Clear!

YOU could be teaching Combat Silat within two years. Did you know that with a strategy, a little hope, and some sweat you can achieve your goals? The majority of us do not think so out of the box crazy that we cannot achieve what we set our mind to. If you wanted to do…

“My first thought was, who am I to teach?”