5 Pack PSP Courses

$269.95 $225.00

5 Pack of Pencak Silat Pertempuran courseware!


2019 New Year Special!

Get the full 5 pack of training courses in Pencak Silat Pertempuran. This is the full pack of materials required for basic instructor level (pelatih).

  • Beating Head Attacks—Level 1
  • Beating Head Attacks—Level 2
  • Beating Body Attack—Level 3
  • Beating Body Attack—Level 4
  • Being Disruptive—Level 5

Normal price is $269.95 but for a limited time get access to all 5 courses for $225!

You’ll get online access to Guru Stark for any questions and access to the private Facebook PSP Leadership Group.

Price does not include testing—only access to the materials.


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