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    • The RDX Micro Mitts are compact, measuring only 17cm in length and 5cm thick
    • Hand sized focus mitts designed to improve accuracy
    • Inner hand binding has reinforced stitching
    • Outer covering designed for extra stability
    • Comes in Pair, Maya Hide Leather made
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    • The Pro Panther focus punch mitts have a deeply angled striking surface and recessed contact allowing for more control and giving the coach and trainer both better leverage while working the boxing mitts
    • The target training pad mitts includes a padded hood to protect the fingers, a full 1 3/4 inch supplemental wrist pad guard and front seams placed outside the striking area for maximum longevity
    • This easy to slip on and off pair features an internal palm ball for natural grip and for proper alignment of wrists, arms and shoulders
    • Perfect coach mitts for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and partner contact sport athletes alike to practice a variety of punches and footwork
    • Complete your home or commercial gym with the proper fight training equipment to get your athletes in shape and competition ready
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