One-Handed Silat, Training Injured

So you got hurt, how are you going to use it as a training and possibly life boost, rather than a hinderance?

Injuries suck, whether they are severe or just bumps and bruises, they are an easy excuse to slack. The voice in your head saying, “just sit on the couch, it’s fine” seems to get increasingly louder. But, if you resist, you could use this as an opportunity for growth.

I lacerated the extensor longus tendon in my left hand 8 weeks ago, (yes I’m left-handed). It was a training related accident. However, I got back from urgent care and decided to use this humbling experience to improve myself and my practice. “My hand is shot for at least two months…so elbows it is. I can’t lift weights or do burpees so I am going to build my cardio and flexibility. If I cannot use my upper art to the fullest, I am at least going to condition my roots and trunk” I thought. With that, I set out to see how this setback could still move my silat forward. Here are just some thoughts for your gimpy training.

Your Physical Game:

Get together some training goals, now get a plan to reach it. Now be analytical, if you cannot do something because of your injury set goals that train around it. Personally I can’t use my hand, but there is a perfectly good tool just one joint down from my hand. I decided to focus on that. For example, some goals for a similar injury could be improving and understanding elbow entries, and lower body work like langkah, knees, kicks and conditioning. Please apply this theory to your situation and see how much you can accomplish while you are restricted by your injury or recovery.

Your Mental Game:

This injury is the perfect time to address all the things that many American Martial Artists never take time for. Meditate, pray, read philosophy and strategy. Build your mental attributes with the same vigor you train your body. Really take the time to think about those angles and your breathing, or how to really instill your will on the world.

Your Healing:

All of this being said, don’t wreck yourself! Test yourself and not your injuries. Actually heal. Address your health and the issue you have. Live to fight another day, and do it well.

Remember, this injury is just another stone to step. Langkah dari batuan ke batuan!

Salam Hormat!
Pelatih Muda Will Campbell
Pencak Silat Pertempuran—Michigan

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