VLOG 4: Silat Range Control

Understanding your range and the necessity to control the range is far more important than a bunch of terminology. Ask yourself the questions…. View on friends.


  1. I’ve been student and instructor for the past 40 years. I’m journey has taken me to many different syles. While working for Dojo owners, teaching their classes, I have attempted to convince them to include more footwork and getting students to understand distance and bridging the gap. Timing, off rhythm, feints, parries, redirection, but NO they don’t want to learn that. Then they assume when they spare me that I must be special and born to fight. They think I’m fast but I’m controlling the distance and simply hitting them when they’re not ready. I’m thinking about opening my own school and creating a new art that’s main focus is based on your topic. Thank you for this post! I don’t fill alone anymore!! LOL

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