Level 2

NOTE: You have to finish these courses before you can enroll this course

Thanks for taking the next step in your Combat Silat training. This is Level 2. It contains the basic foundation components necessary for progression in Combat Silat Level 2. Each series of lessons get you closer to mastery of Combat Silat when combined with the sweat of training.

Each lesson may have text (English), video, and photos to learn from. In addition, to studying those materials, you should also consider starting to immediately train with at least one other person.

At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to take a written quiz on the material covered in the lesson.

NOTE: As with with the Level 1 Coursework this this learning center contains all the materials you’ll need.

However, there are additional requirements such as regular Skype communication, training and getting bio-feedback from training partners, video submission testing, and regular training with a qualified instructor. If that is your goal, it is recommended that you contact Guru Stark before starting this training package.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 25 lessons Time: 14 week
  • Section 1: Core Training  4 lessons 0/4

    • L2 Meta-Movement & Baiting (Gerak & Sikap Pasang)
    • L2 Turn Around Step (Langkah)
    • L2 Combination Stepping (Langkah Kombinasi)
    • L2 Meta-forms (Jurus)
  • Section 2: Core Applications  8 lessons 0/8

    • L2 Hand Entry (Masukan Tangan)
    • L2 Elbow Entry (Masukan Siku)
    • L2 Kick Destructions (Totok Sepak)
    • L2 Foot Sweeps (Timbilan Kaki)
    • L2 Elbow Destructions (Totok Siku)
    • L2 Stomping Destruction (Totok Kaki)
    • L2 Hand Takedowns (Timbilan Tangan)
    • L2 Strangles (Cekik)
  • Section 3: Secondary Applications  7 lessons 0/7

    • L2 Hand Destructions (Totok Tangan)
    • L2 Knee Destruction (Totok Lutut)
    • L2 Catching (Tangkapan)
    • L2 Joint Locks (Kunci)
    • L2 Ending Strike (Pukul Pembas)
    • L2 Neck Breaks (Leher Patah)
    • L2 Hand Checks (Pencegah Tangan)
  • Section 4: Going Deeper  6 lessons 0/6

    • L2 Foot Entry (Masukan Kaki)
    • L2 Head Evasion (Ales Kepala)
    • L2 Leg Checks (Pencegah Kaki)
    • L2 Lower Body Evasion (Ales Kaki)
    • L2 Exchanging (Pertukaran)
    • L2 Bonus Materials30m
Sean Stark
Head Instructor
Head instructor and founder of Pencak Silat Pertempuran—a personal safety method.



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