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Thanks for taking an interest in continuing your Combat Silat training. This training curriculum is designed to help you make steady progress on your journey. Each online course will help you get the understanding you need for mastery of pencak silat generally, and Combat Silat specifically when combined with the sweat of training.

This is the Level 2 curriculum. You need to have completed the Level 1 curriculum in order to learn this material. There are a total of XX lessons in this course as well as training exercises. You have 100 days to complete your training on this level.

Each lesson may have text (English), video, and photos to learn from. In addition, to studying those materials, you should also consider starting to immediately train with at least one other person.

At the end of each lesson you will be required to take a written quiz on the material covered in the lesson and get a passing grade in order to proceed to the next lesson.

NOTE: If you want to be considered as part of the larger family of Combat Silat then this learning center is a good start and contains all the materials you’ll need.
However, there are additional requirements such as regular Skype communication, training and getting bio-feedback from training partners, video submission testing, and regular training with a qualified instructor. If that is your goal, it is recommended that you contact Guru Stark before starting this training package.

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