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Pencak Silat

Ripon Silat
Quarry moor Activity centre
North Yorkshire.
Club for the cultivation and enjoyment of the movement that is Silat..

‘My mind is open to study all aspects of the Art.’ We study Indonesian martial arts. We study and teach two principal styles of silat. Traditional Minangkabau silek tuo and Lompat harimau silat from Guru Richard de Bordes – Master Hanafi lineage. These are demanding styles of silat and take time to learn. The movement from ground to upright position and the low postures used means core body strength and legs are strengthened. We train in a holistic way – traditional,self-defence, health & fitness, psychological/spiritual. Although we are in the West we try and remain true to the traditional values and culture that gave birth to this art.
Classes are small and our emphasis is on getting the principles right which means the art can be practised by people of all ages and abilities. If you are unable to do something one way we find another way. The inner side of the art is as important as the outer and we hope for a natural progression as you train. In youth we hope for a fit fast well mannered warrior, in middle age a hardened veteran with a tender heart and in old age we anticipate you will become very wise, compassionate and extremely dangerous.

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